In today’s world of textiles industry, we can’t ignore the need of an in-house laboratory to present qualified products for our customers. For that purpose, we complete ourselves with in-house laboratory that’s facilitated with world’s well known equipment. These laboratory equipment are designed to conduct both physical & chemical tests. 

Some of tests that can be executed in our laboratory are as following

  • Tearing strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Seam slippage strength
  • Colorfastness to crocking
  • Colorfastness to perspiration
  • Colorfastness to washing
  • Colorfastness to water
  • Pilling
  • pH value

Laboratory is also the location where we process the s/off and lab dips. Even when most of the s/off is made manually by hand, we have 2 s/off print tables from European manufacturer for special designs with delicate details.